Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar will participate in a new project under the Interreg Europe programe in the category Low-carbon economy, which is directly linked to the national environmental and energy policy of the country.

The project “Increase of energy efficiency by Electric MOBIlity in the CITY” (E-MOBICITY) seeks to improve the low-carbon economy policies, so as to facilitate the take up of innovative electric mobility (e-mobility) sustainable measures, by providing the necessary expertise and showing the benefits of e-mobility, thus generating high leverage and ensuring strong commitment to sustainable mobility with low-carbon transport. The project will demonstrate how cities can reduce their carbon emissions with the promotion and facilitation of innovative electric vehicles’ use. Within the Interreg Europe programme the project objective will be achieved by supporting policy learning among relevant policy organisations that will participate in the project consortium, with a view to improving the performance of national/ regional/ local development policy instruments.

Lead partner:

Other partners:
Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (Croatia)
Mobility industry Northern Hesse Network e.V. (Germany)
Azorean Government – Regional Directorate for Energy (Portugal)
ADENE – Portuguese Energy Agency (Portugal)
Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA (Romania)