Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

About us

The Institute has been built upon the long tradition of scientific research in the energy system, conducted for more than half a century now, directing its development in accordance with the needs of the Republic of Croatia on its way toward becoming a modern state integrated into Europe. The Institute has always respected the tradition, developing at the same time new skills and scientific methods and acquiring new knowledge. It has provided for infrastructure for the accomplishment of today’s complex tasks and requirements. The Institute’s main professional and scientific callenge has been the transformation of the energy system into an open energy market, legally regulated and formally based on the EU acquis. Upon the accession of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union, the Institute’s scope of activity has shifted towards the visions of energy development in the EU and Croatia until 2050, which requires the improvement of methods of planning the energy system, subsystems, networks and transport of all forms of energy as well as capacity building for legal, institutional and organizational changes in the energy system. Given the lack of energy sources, the planning within national borders does not provide reliable results and it is necessary to examine the demands and flows of energy in the wider region. Energy supply reliability has become more than ever a factor to be taken into consideration when choosing the structure, distribution paths and technologies for the purpose of meeting the needs of energy buyers. Climate protection is a key factor in planning energy development, which stimulates a more intense use of renewable energy sources and the increase of energy efficiency in all areas of human activity. Development of the energy system and relations within require the acquisition of new knowledge and competences by all the actors in the energy sector and state administration, as well as the education of citizens. Education and provision of information is becoming the Institute’s increasingly significant activity, which requires the continuous professional training of our experts and their active participation in educating others. The Institute implements its mission in cooperation with numerous scientists and institutions from Croatian and abroad, and is taking over a leading role in energy development in the wider region and beyond.


The Institute’s strategic goal is to be recognized as the centre of excellence in the field of energy planning and analysis in the wider region. The Institute is ready to respond to the demands of the energy system of the Republic of Croatia, as a member of the European Union. It can provide professional and scientific assistance to countries in the region and beyond. The Institute already cooperates and will continue to cooperate with state, regional and local administrations, energy subjects, private entrepreneurs, scientific, educational and professional institutions in Croatia, in the region and the EU on the development of long-term sustainable energy. Cooperation on multinational energy projects enriches the employees’ knowledge and skills, increasing thus their capacity to conduct the most demanding tasks. The Institute is broadening its regional and international cooperation, in particular in markets where it has gained status as a responsible as well as a professionally and scientifically competent institution. The set goals may only be achieved by providing a high-quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction and the employees’ continuous professional and scientific improvement. The Institute will continue to pay particular attention to the employees’ professional and scientific improvement in the future by encouraging their creativity and increasing job satisfaction. The Institute’s involvement in professional training has contributed considerably to producing high-quality experts in the field of energy efficiency and is to be expanded to other areas of energy planning as well.

The idea of establishing the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar grew towards the end of 1993, with the aim of providing professional support to state institutions and companies operating in the energy sector to implement reform processes. The Institute was founded in 1994 by the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Croatian Power Utility (HEP). Upon founding, the Government of the Republic of Croatia and INA d.d. joined as founders. In 2004, the Institute was transformed into a non profit scientific institution owned by the Republic of Croatia. The Institute’s first headquarters were situated at 37 Vukovarska Street, at HEP’s business premises, and since 2000 it has been headquartered at 163 Savska Street, in a building that was specially renovated and equipped to enable the fulfilment of the Institute’s mission.

(born on July 5, 1916 in Knin; died on June 30, 1991 in Zagreb) Engineer, Ph.D. in technical sciences, university professor, internationally renowned scientist, encyclopaedist and academician Hrvoje Požar is an unavoidable and pivotal figure in the recent Croatian history in the field of technical sciences and superior scientific achievements.

He was the founder of the Zagreb School of Energy and the most renowned Croatian encyclopaedist in the field of technical sciences. He was the editor-in-chief of volumes 6 through 12 of the Croatian Technical Encyclopaedia. He worked at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Zagreb and at the same time also at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He participated in the work of the Institute for Electric-Power Industry  from which the Energy Institute, which bears his name today, evolved. Hrvoje Požar published over 330 scientific and professional papers, studies, lecture notes and books in the field of energy.