Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Vision and mission

The Institute’s strategic goal is to be recognized as the centre of excellence in the field of energy planning and analysis in the wider region. The Institute is ready to respond to the demands of the energy system of the Republic of Croatia, as a member of the European Union. It can provide professional and scientific assistance to countries in the region and beyond. The Institute already cooperates and will continue to cooperate with state, regional and local administrations, energy subjects, private entrepreneurs, scientific, educational and professional institutions in Croatia, in the region and the EU on the development of long-term sustainable energy. Cooperation on multinational energy projects enriches the employees’ knowledge and skills, increasing thus their capacity to conduct the most demanding tasks.

The Institute is broadening its regional and international cooperation, in particular in markets where it has gained status as a responsible as well as a professionally and scientifically competent institution. The set goals may only be achieved by providing a high-quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction and the employees’ continuous professional and scientific improvement. The Institute will continue to pay particular attention to the employees’ professional and scientific improvement in the future by encouraging their creativity and increasing job satisfaction. The Institute’s involvement in professional training has contributed considerably to producing high-quality experts in the field of energy efficiency and is to be expanded to other areas of energy planning as well.