Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Efficiency, Environmental and Climate Protection

The Department’s activities include technical and economic consultation to public and private sectors in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental impact and climate protection. The Department supports the development and implementation “from idea to realization” projects through a wide range of specialized services such as research and analysis of energy potential and optimal utilization of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, techno-economic analyses of different profoundness and content adapted to client needs, energy audits and certification, the impact of energy facilities on the environment, etc. Within the Department, through the multidisciplinary approach, new business opportunities are identified, and the implementation of innovative programs and pilot projects are organized. Fundamental research includes the development of resource, spatial and environmental basis in which the issues of using the RES and the energy efficiency for the future low-carbon development of the Republic of Croatia are considered in an integral and socially responsible way.

In the area of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions from energy sources are regularly calculated and emissions trading system is monitored. Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the level of business entities to the national level are being designed and analysed, climate change adaptation plans are being prepared, etc.

The Department regularly monitors and analyses the development of national and international legislation in the area of the Department’s activities, and designs structured legal solutions to balance goals and opportunities.

Since the projects of the Department’s activities are mainly conducted at the local level, special attention is dedicated to the promotion and education, to organization of professional and scientific and promotional meetings, and public opinion research.

A significant part of the Department’s activities is carried out in cooperation with public institutions on all administrative levels as well as numerous public and private companies active in the field of the Department.

The Department also cooperates with various authorities and organizations of the United Nations, the World Bank and the European Development Bank, development agencies and funds (GIZ, UNDP, USAID, GGF, DSPF) and in the past fifteen years there has been a significant increase in cooperation with countries from the EU and the region through CARDS and IPA projects, and also through FP6, FP7 and IEE, INTERREG (MED, CENTRAL EUROPE and ITALY-CROATIA), LIFE, and HORIZON2020 programs. The Department is in charge of cooperation with the EnR- Network of European Energy Agencies, and the IEA Bioenergy – an organization for international cooperation in the field of biomass energy use.

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Ilja Drmač 1 6326 279
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