Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Information Technologies and Communications

The Department’s mission is to meet the requirements for the implementation of advanced/smart technological solutions in using information technologies, computer and communication technologies with the aim of ensuring continued and reliable operations, including also better efficiency of all the Institute’s employees regardless of the area of their expertise.

The Department’s main tasks include: planning, development, implementation and maintenance of the Institute’s information, computer, communication, documentation and bibliography systems; development, programming and maintenance of applicative programmes for final users; administration of computer/systems networks and user applications; maintenance of hardware and software (system and user); education of users; keeping constant care of information system security and application of the highest standards in this area.

With the aim of developing and improving the Institute’s business organization through the ISO 9001:2008 standard related to quality management system, a new electronic project management system  has been introduced, including process and documentation management as well as communication of participants using eProjekt application.

The Department is actively involved in: planning, development, construction and maintenance of the Institute’s communication system for voice transmission, video and data usage of different media and technologies (fixed and mobile operators, VoIP, Internet and mobile applications). Important activities also include cooperation (a leader or a partner) on projects including development of complex information systems, data bases, web applications and systems for document management (information are stored locally or on cloud – controlled and secured access is enabled through the Internet regardless of the location from which access, fixed or mobile, is provided. Special attention is given to programming, design and maintenance of the web content as well as to the development, design and programming and maintenance of data bases, document systems and to the usage of state-of-the-art programming tools and advanced programming languages. The aim is to create a paperless office by introducing new technologies and continuous education of users.

A significant portion of activities includes the maintenance of the Institute’s building and its functional parts (cooling and heating system, anti-burglary system, surveillance system etc.) as well as safety at work and fire protection.

Proofreading, information and documentation work conducted by the Institute’s library is also of great importance, not only through the standard cataloguing of the library’s holdings but also through the digitalization of EIHP publications (studies, books and other publications) making them electronically available, via Intranet.

Within the Department we collect, preserve, arrange and select records and safeguard archival and current records of the Institute which are of interest to the Republic of Croatia and enjoy its special protection.


Name and surnameE-mailTelephone
Franjo Klečina, head of department 1 6326 127
Anita Filipović 1 6326 110
Ivica Kostanjš 1 6326 124