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Energy System Planning

The traditional scope of activity of the Department for Energy System Planning includes energy statistics and the development of energy balances, including the elaboration of the annual energy report “Energy in Croatia” and the analysis of energy flows presented in energy balances for particular regions, counties or cities.

Energy system development planning is the activity based on the Anglo-Saxon method of master plan development, which is based on the application of methods and tools for integral planning of energy demand and the use of available energy resources and technologies, at minimum costs and with the reduction of environmental impact. In-house developed methods and programme packages as well as internationally renowned models are used to elaborate the plans. Those tools are used for planning at the state, regional and local levels, the most renowned being MAED, BALANCE, IMPACT, MARKAL, MESSAGE and others.

The Institute has developed an original methodology for energy development planning at regional and local levels, which has been used to develop energy plans for approximately ten regions in the recent years. The Department organizes and conducts all energy analyses in the gas and oil sectors, at the levels of production, transport, storage and distribution. Those analyses include energy planning, organizational aspect of particular activities and drafting legislation.

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