Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Power Transmission and Distribution

The Department for Power Transmission and Distribution conducts research on different technical aspects of planning and operation of the Croatian transmission and distribution network and its regional surroundings. Among the activities conducted by the Department, special emphasis is given to regional planning of transmission networks in the Southeast Europe and countries surrounding the Black Sea; distribution network planning as a part of the regional integral energy planning; analyses of the connections of new network users, static and dynamic analysis of the transmission system; identification and management of technical and operating limitations in the transmission network, as well as regulation, planning, operation and management of electric power networks with a high level of integration of renewable energy sources (RES) such as wind power plants.

The following areas of the Department’s activity are also very important: planning and development of medium-voltage and low-voltage distribution networks based on technical and economic analyses conducted using in-house developed and commercial software; estimation of power supply quality based on distribution network simulations, statistical analysis of power supply interruption and measurements in the medium-voltage and low voltage networks; integration of RES into power supply system as well as drafting regulations regarding the electricity market, and technical and economic analysis of the impact of installation of various equipment in distribution networks.

When planning the development of power networks, the Department uses internationally renowned and recognized tools PSS/E, NEPLAN and PRAO for simulations as well as in-house developed software packages. Department’s other activities include: participation in the development of national energy development strategies, projects in the area of planning the power system development, restructuring the energy sector and opening the electricity market in Croatia and in Southeast Europe; participation in projects dealing with the liberalization and deregulation of the energy market.


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Dr. sc. Goran MajstrovićVoditelj odjelaAnaliza i planiranje prijenosne mreže i tržišta električne energijegmajstrovic@eihp.hr01 6326 128
Dr. sc. Boško MileševićStariji istraživačPlaniranje i analiza prijenosnih i distribucijskih mreža,
tržište električne energije
bmilesevic@eihp.hr01 6326 133
Dr. sc. Davor BajsStariji istraživačPlaniranje i analiza prijenosne mrežedbajs@eihp.hr01 6326 107
Dr. sc. Minea SkokStarija istraživačicaPlaniranje i analiza prijenosnih i distribucijskih mreža,
tržište električne energije
mskok@eihp.hr01 6326 270
Dr. sc. Nijaz DizdarevićSavjetnikAnaliza elektroenergetskih mreža i sustava, zakonodavstvo
i regulacija tržišta električne energije
ndizdarevic@eihp.hr01 6326 163
Tomislav BaričevićStariji istraživačPlaniranje i analiza distribucijske mreže i
tržišta električne energije, regulacija energetskih djelatnosti
tbaricevic@eihp.hr01 6326 103
Stipe ĆurlinStariji istraživačPlaniranje i analiza prijenosne mrežescurlin@eihp.hr01 6326 274
Mario MaričevićStariji istraživačPlaniranje i analiza prijenosne mreže, energetska efikasnostmmaricevic@eihp.hr01 6326 140
Danko VidovićStariji istraživačAnaliza i planiranje distribucijskih mreža, energetsko planiranjedvidovic@eihp.hr01 6326 106
Kristina PerićStariji istraživačPlaniranje naprednih elektroenergetskih mrežakperic@eihp.hr01 6326 116 Željko PlantićStariji istraživač Energetska postrojenja i gospodarenje energijom 01 6326 278