Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Energy Generation and Transformation

Department for Energy Generation and Transformation specializes in energy system planning and development, analyses in the field of energy generation and transformation as well as business strategy and decision making.

Department’s main activity is the production of energy system development studies (Master Plans). Internationally recognized (renowned) models such as WASP and MESSAGE are used for simulations in the process of long-term planning. PLEXOS for Power Systems and GTMax models are used in the medium-term and short-term planning and optimization. The Department’s experts have not only been trained to use these programme models, but are also invited lecturers at expert courses.

Other activities include participation in the development of energy strategies at state level, in projects dealing with the processes of liberalization and deregulation of the energy market and in projects in the field of power plant operation optimization and feasibility studies for hydro and thermal power plants (that consist of the analysis and calculation of costs, market analyses, allocation of incomes and expenditures, business optimization, as well as the analyses of business performance indicators).

Name and surnameE-mailTelephone
Head of department Mladen Zeljko, 1 6326 153
Antonia Tomas Stanković 1 6326 126
Dražen Balić 1 6326 286
Goran Čogelja 1 6326 273
Ivana Milinković 1 6326 151
Lucija Krstanović 1 6326 266
Maja Božičević Vrhovčak, 1 6326 167
Nikola Matijašević 1 6326 154
Sandra Antešević 1 6326 157
Vedran Krstulović 1 6326 125