Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Policy and quality objectives

In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen the vision and mission values, we are committed to:

  • devoting full attention to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction by providing timely, high-quality services
  • employing expert and ambitious staff who will have the possibility and obligation to continuously develop and upgrade their skills
  • continuously improving technical equipment
  • nurturing and developing partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors
  • continuously following global trends in our trade and applying them in our work
  • setting ambitious, measurable and achievable objectives and programmes
  • applying and continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system which is based on the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard
  • continuously aligning to legal and other requirements relative to our scope of activity as well as to all other requirements applicable to our business.

The strategic objective of the EIHP is to gain recognition as a centre of excellence in the field of energy on the open international market.

The Institute has to meet the demands of the energy system of the Republic of Croatia which is currently undergoing a reform, restructuring, privatisation and market opening. In doing so, it is very important to support the activities of the Republic of Croatia as an EU member state, as well as the activities aimed at reinforcing its regional role in promoting economic and overall interests, and its ever more significant role in international political and economic relations. In order to achieve those objectives within the energy system, state administration, regional and local governments, and the overall economy, it is necessary to improve knowledge and capabilities necessary to perform tasks in the market economy and the open energy market, which is one of the Institute’s permanent activities.

The Institute needs to strengthen regional and international cooperation, especially in markets where it has been acknowledged as a professionally responsible and professionally and scientifically competent institution.

The set objectives may be only met by providing high quality services and achieving full customer satisfaction. It is therefore of crucial importance that we continually improve professional and scientific capabilities of the Institute’s employees. Special attention will be given to all forms of professional and scientific improvement by encouraging the creativity of our employees and increasing employee satisfaction.

In order to ensure high quality service provision and full customer satisfaction, the Institute will, in addition to applying the ISO 9001 standard, strive to implement the recommendations of other international standards in accordance with the development of its business activities and business needs.

We believe that the application and continuous improvement of the IT-supported integral quality management system applied in conducting studies and overall business activities as well as in managing documents and other work processes will be a step towards improving the quality of business activities in the conditions of technological advancement of the communication and information exchange system as well as of reaching objectives such as a paperless office and mobile office.