Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Policy and quality objectives


Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar is an institution whose activities comprise of provision of scientific and expert services in the field of energy and enviroment.

OUR MISSION – To continuously fulfil the needs and expectations of our clients and other interested parties while simultaneously taking care of the environment and preserve natural resources, through quality, delivery accuracy and reliability during the implementation of our services

OUR VISION – To become a pioneer in the field of energy planning and in the field of environmental protection, based on the principles of business excellence, ecological sustainability, and through the application of the best scientific methods.

In order to meet, maintain and enhance our mission and vision we are committed to:

  • Pay attention to achieving and maintaining the highest satisfaction of our clients through quality and timely realization of services,
  • Employ professional and ambitious personal who will have the opportunity and obligation to develop and improve,
  • Continuously improve the technological equipment,
  • Nurture and improve partner relations with suppliers and contractors,
  • Continuously monitor world trends in our field and apply those in our activities,
  • Set ambitious, measurable and realistic goals,
  • Apply and continuously improve the efficiency of the management system based on the requirements of the international ISO 9001 norm,
  • Continuously comply with legal and other requirements regarding our field of work and with all other requirements regarding our business,
  • Continuously monitor and respect the rules regarding the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, and to promote a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption,
  • Consistently determine the risks and opportunities during offering and contracting of our services,
  • Continuously monitor and apply the highest standards and requirements regarding the protection of information we work with, especially the personal information of our partners, employees and all persons whose data we obtained during implementation of our business activities and research.
  • partners, employees and all persons whose data we obtained during implementation of our business activities and research.


The strategic goal of EIHP is the recognition of the Institute on the open world market as a centre of excellence in the field of energy and environmental protection.

The Institute continuously responds to the demands of the energy system of Croatia that is going through reforms, restructuring, technological progress, privatization and market opening. It is of the highest importance to support Croatia’s activities as a member of the European Union, and besides that to strengthen its role in the region through promoting business and general interests because of the increasing role of Croatia in international political and business relations. To achieve these goals in the energy system and in the state administration on a local and regional level, as well as in the economy in general,  it is necessary to increase the level of knowledge and ability to perform tasks in the market economy and the open energy market, which is one of the permanent activities of the Institute.

The energy policy till 2050 has become much clearer in the past few years through international institutions and agreements on EU climate and energy policy, the responsibility for their fulfilment is growing steadily. It is expected that by the end of 2019, all necessary legislative acts for the implementation of energy policy will be adopted: Clean Energy for all Europeans, to unambiguously set the legal framework for the implementation of the energy sector transition, which includes a unique climate and energy policy. One of the most important documents is the Integrated Energy Climate Plan, to be implemented by all Member States by the end of 2019, through interactive communication and joint learning on integrated planning.

The energy source structure will change because of the transition, the use of fossil fuels will be reduced, and the use of renewable sources will be increased. Energy efficiency will increase, all newly built and renovated buildings will have an almost zero energy consumption, enhanced technology will be implemented, the role of the energy purchaser will change, and electrical mobility and other advanced technologies will change the traffic situation. That will reflect on the current structure of energy companies because they will have to change and adapt significantly to the market requirements and the technological needs and possibilities.

The Institute needs to strengthen the regional and international cooperation, especially in the markets where the Institute gained trust as a professional, responsible and professionally competent scientific institution. 

The set goals can only be achieved through high quality of service and customer satisfaction. It is therefore crucial to continuously increase the professional and scientific abilities of the employees of the Institute. All forms of professional and scientific education will be given the highest attention through various means of encouragement of creativity and improvement of work satisfaction.

In order to ensure the high quality of our services and customer satisfaction, the Institute will, in addition to implementing the ISO 9001standard, endeavour to apply the recommendations of other international standards in the future in accordance with the development of our business and business needs, as well as the risks and opportunities that may affect the business.

We believe that the use of and continuous enhancement of an IT-supported integrated business management system and document management system will be a good step towards improvement of the quality of business in terms of technological progress of the communication system and information exchange.

Achieving goals such as a paperless office, mobile office, electronic transaction exchange (accounts) with other business entities while respecting the new standards and recommendations for personal and business data protection essentially determines further business performance development.

In its plans and work analyses, the Institute considers all business risks and actively adjusts to minimize the negative business risks while at the same time undertaking activities that can yield positive business results.

In Zagreb, 21.04.2020.                                                                                                                     Director: Dražen Jakšić       


The Quality Management Policy is a public document and is available to all interested parties. All employees are familiar with the Quality Management Policy.