The Working Group members are sharing the cost of the Project as follows:

USAID, in cooperation with the United States Energy Association, is funding the following expenses:

  • Support for participation of signatory organizations of this Memorandum in Working Group meetings and other capacity building programs including, but not limited to, workshops, study tours, and internships;
  • Logistical support in organizing working group meetings and other capacity building programs;
  • Support for consultants and institutes, as necessary; and
  • Travel and lodging of U.S. and European volunteer experts participating in work plan activities.

The participating distribution companies agreed to fund the following expenses:

  • Travel to regional Working Group meetings;
  • Salaries of participating personnel; and
  • Costs associated with volunteering to host meeting and training events. The hosting of meetings is voluntary and would usually involve providing a meeting room and equipment necessary to conduct the meetings.