Matislav MajstroviŠ, Optinal Allocation of Capacitor Bank in Power System, M. Sc. Thesis, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Power System Department, Zagreb, Croatia, Novemberl 8, 1979


Description: This thesis consists of five parts. Part One deals with the analysis of methods for calculating power electrical networks. A detailed review of the following methods is given: the impedance the per unit, the percentage, and reduced admittance method.
Part Two gives an analysis of the modeling of power system elements. It contains a detailed consideration of Pi and T equivalent line schemes, with precise and approximate concentrically parameters. In addition, an account is given of a two-winding transformer with real voltage rating, and of a two-winding and three-winding transformer with complex non-nominal rating. Finally the mathematical models of load demands, impedances and capacitor banks are presented. Since the voltage vector method is used in analyzing the load flow, in Part Three this method is fully considered, and the technique is described how the bus admittance matrix is employed in it. Also a method is given to determine the real power losses of the network.
In Part Four the fundamentals of optimization are discussed with special respect to the conditional and non-conditional optimum. Based on these considerations the optimal distribution of reactive power to generating units is determined for at a definite stage of switching the capacitor battery, which is located in a pre-determined place and at prescribed voltage rates.
Part Five refers to the computer program OPTOK. Here, a detailed description is given of the program and its possibilities. Finally the network models employed in testing the program are shown.


Key words: Capacitor bank, power system, optimal allocation, voltage vector method




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